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There are hundreds of new coins and tokens created every day. How do you find the ones worth buying? There is no single answer. You need to analyze multiple signals. One of such signals is whether the coin is spending money on advertising itself.

The purpose of this website is to display only coins that are currently promoted on popular coin voting websites. We are monitoring,,,, Watcher.Guru,,, and we plan to add more sites soon.

Coin nameWebsiteCurrently promoted on
Shikoku InuShikoku Inu favicon
SHIBA INUSHIBA INU favicon websiteWatcher.Guru
ElonGateElonGate favicon
Kishu InuKishu Inu favicon
Fifty Fifty TokenFifty Fifty Token favicon
NekiNeki favicon
Radio Caca V2Radio Caca V2 favicon
PanacoinPanacoin favicon
ContractoContracto favicon
EMBREMBR favicon
HODLHODL favicon
SafeMoonSafeMoon favicon websiteWatcher.Guru
TankBattle TokenTankBattle Token favicon
PrimoBSCPrimoBSC favicon
AceStarterAceStarter favicon
HirokiHiroki favicon
ArbitrageTokenArbitrageToken favicon
Bag HolderBag Holder favicon
NPC CoinNPC Coin favicon
Shit CoinShit Coin favicon
Yellow FlokiYellow Floki favicon
Safe UniverseSafe Universe favicon
Robotera Governance TokenRobotera Governance Token favicon
JournArtJournArt favicon

How often is this website updated?

We update this list daily. If a new coin become promoted on any of the websites we monitor, it will be listed here within 24 hours.

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